What is Yarn-Dyed Fabric? Adorable Trendy Fabric in 2020

Lately, I am seeing more and more yarn-dyed fabric being used in projects and dare I say it’s becoming a trend?! Well, I am so happy to announce that Dailylike has just released what may be the softest and the finest yard-dyed fabric out there.

Before I go on if you are interested in different types of fabrics and what we have in Dailylike Canada, you can check out this link for details!

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In case you haven’t heard of this humble fabric, let me share with you what yard-dyed fabric is and what advantages are! 

Yarn-dyed fabric basically means the yarn (or thread) has been dyed first, before weaving. Yarn-dyed fabric tends to hold its colour better and the fabric’s raw edges and reverse side are all the same colour.

Most of the fabrics we carry at Dailylike Canada are piece-dyed fabrics, which are typically constructed with white/untreated yarn then dyed or printed (hence the lack of print on the reverse side in the case of prints). While we love our piece-dyed fabrics for the amazing patterns that can be printed on them (that you could never get with the yarn-dying process), we are quickly falling in love with the unique pattern, colour, and texture of our new yarn-dyed fabrics.

Another advantage of our yarn-dyed fabrics, aside from the richness of colour, is that they’re super soft, especially compared to typical yarn-dyed fabrics. 

AND the richness of colour will not fade, wash after wash!

I’m sure you’ve experienced the disappointment of faded beloved prints, but yarn-dyed fabrics will hold their colour!

Now meet our Yarn-Dyed Cotton 30c fabrics in Cloud Blue, Natural Mood, Dust Green, and Charcoal Grey! 

Our cotton 30c is great for apparel sewing and it makes a perfect backing fabric for quilts and blankets due to its softness! 

Cloud Blue

Natural Mood

Dust Green

Charcoal Grey

I hope this posting helps your fabric shopping! 🙂 

Happy sewing! See you in the next post!

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