Make One Of A Kind Patchwork Tie Dress With Me

Hey everyone, Sara here! Welcome back to Sewing Therapy! Today’s video is more of a tip and inspiration session rather than a sew-along. If you want to make your own patchwork tie dress, definitely watch this tip video and then check out my previous Tie Dress sew-along video.

First off, thank you so much for loving my patchwork tie dress. Honestly, I wasn’t sure what I was doing at first, and I was uncertain about the outcome. But what I love about our sewing therapy community is your enthusiasm for my new ideas. You all give me so much confidence, which I sometimes lack.

I want to share some tips with you, especially if you’re feeling unsure. Remember, there are many ways to do things, but I’ll show you my favorite method. Feel free to choose what works best for you from all the options out there.

This was my first patchwork tie dress, and brainstorming the combination took quite a while. The structure is relatively straightforward because the Tie Dress is already cut into panels, like the bodice for the centre and sides, and the sleeves. You can choose the fabrics you like for each part. I used the same fabric for the front and back this one but chose two different fabrics for the centre panels for the second to create two distinct looks.


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Thank you for watching and for joining me in creating this patchwork Tie Dress! I hope you have as much fun making it as I did. Remember, gathering all your favorite fabrics together will result in a uniquely your style patchwork. Keep experimenting, stay creative, and most importantly, enjoy the process. Tag me @yoursara_k and use #SewingTherapyTie on Instagram so I can celebrate your creations with you! Happy sewing, and I’ll see you in my next video!

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