This Beginner-Friendly Infit Top And Dress Will Evolve Into A Fantastic OUTFIT | Sewing Therapy PDF Pattern

Hello, I’m Sara and welcome back to Sewing Therapy. I’m wearing my newest pattern, the INFIT Dress. I invite you to join me and sew your own!

Here’s the general idea about this pattern. I designed this pattern, hoping you to create a successful infit that evolves into a fantastic outfit.

Each file offers layer options for every size. Choose the file that suits your needs best.

INFIT is designed for beginners, featuring no closures for ease of sewing. Its neckline offers a perfect balance, providing easy wear and bra strap coverage.

I created Sleeve Wings to simplify sewing sleeves and allow for contrasting fabric use, adding a unique touch to your INFIT and distinguishing it from other garments.

INFIT includes patch pockets that are simpler to sew than inseam pockets,

INFIT works well with many fabrics, and I recommend trying different types to discover your favorite looks. However, avoid very stiff fabrics to prevent excess bulk in this oversized design.

I have made several versions and love them all. Here are the fabrics I used for my INFIT Dresses.

I’ll stop talking. I hope you find joy in your sewing therapy from now on!

PDF Infit Top and Dress Pattern

My black Infit with patch pockets: SS Linen in Black 
My black Infit with inseam pockets: Real Linen in Black
My grey Infit: Terrazzo Linen Jacquard in Iron
My purple Infit: Real Linen in Eggplant

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Infit is customizable, so experiment with the bodice and sleeve width and length to suit your style, as each adjustment can alter its vibe. Since oversized garments fit differently on various body shapes, understanding how Infit looks on you is crucial.

I hope you enjoy sewing Infit! Visit my Instagram for lots of inspirational reels on sewing and styling Infit.

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