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Hello, Sara here, and I’m excited to share my latest pattern with you: The Tie Dress! Inspired by my previous summer’s makes, I’ve finally brought this vision to life, and I’m thrilled to sew along with you. 

Let me give you a quick overview of the pattern. The Tie Dress features four ties, allowing for versatile styling options. Whether you prefer a loose fit or a tight one, you can tie the ties at the front, back, or even asymmetrically—it’s entirely up to you! I’ve designed the ties to be a comfortable length, but feel free to adjust them to suit your preferences. 

There are two neckline variations to choose from. You can opt for a cute and elegant boat neck or switch to a structured V-neck for a sharp yet comfortable look. And if you prefer a deeper V-neck, go ahead and customize the V to your liking. 

The Tie Dress offers two sleeve options: Short Sleeves and Elbow-length Sleeves. 

The Short Sleeves feature a unique bottom opening detail, adding a touch of flair. If you prefer slightly less ventilation around the arms, you can easily sew longer side seams to block the opening.

For the Elbow-length Sleeves, I have incorporated an inverted pleat detail. This subtle feature enhances the elegance of your arms, creating a dramatic yet slimming effect. 

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The Tie Dress comes with pockets! However, I must emphasize that they are entirely optional. 

Personally, I lean towards omitting pockets as the construction and versatility of the Tie Dress are such that pockets may disrupt the silhouette.

But I understand the allure of pockets as they’re incredibly handy! So, if you’re determined to have them, fear not, as I have provided instructions for adding inseam pockets as an option. feel free to omit the pockets if you’re hesitant about their impact on the silhouette.

The charm of sewing your own garments lies in the ability to customize your fit to your unique body and style preferences, perfectly.

Okay, now let’s dive into creating your Tie Dress together!

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As always, my wish is for your sewing experience to be smooth and enjoyable, resulting in garments that bring you joy to wear. And that’s my continued aim for all of my upcoming patterns and sew-along videos.

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