(Free Mask Pattern No.2) Easy DIY A 2 Layer Mask with a Replaceable Filter

Hello, Sara here
Thanks for all the comments and appreciation for my first mask tutorial and those had me thinking of how I could make a simpler and better version and here it is! This one is a 2 layer mask with a replaceable filter! Easy to wear and more breathable! Even easy to make! We all know fabric masks are less effective. But something is better than nothing, right? Fabric masks without a filter : 35-40% effective Fabric masks with a filter : 85-95% effective

I updated both mask patterns (more detailed with measurements). With this 2 layer mask with a replaceable filter tutorial, I try to show each step in detail. So I recommend you watch the video.

And there are some hospitals that are asking sewists to make masks for health care workers as there is a shortage all around the world. https://www.regmedctr.org/services/pu… If you are looking for ways to help, please consider making some for friends, family and your community.

Here’s the link for the 3 layer mask with a replaceable filter.

Let’s get started.


** Scale the pattern up to 115% for men and scale the pattern down to 85% when printing for a child’s mask (perfect fit for a toddler).**

Fabric Links
Use any quilting weight cotton/linen fabric
All the fabrics from Dailylike Canada http://www.dailylike.ca

Mask Filters
(I’m not an expert on this. But I’m leaving some links to help you find what I used for the filter. N95 Mask filter definitely helps this situation with proper use.)

N95 Mask Filters (I made a purchase from Amazon but I haven’t received them yet. I leave a link just in case you’re curious!)
Canada https://amzn.to/3f0RgUP
USA https://amzn.to/388W8Wg

Nose Clip : I used two produce twist ties.
Or you can get floral wire from Michaels

Ear Loops: I used round cord elastic.
Canada https://amzn.to/2UKZPMQ
USA https://amzn.to/2AISIN5

  • Before starting, be ready with self-drafted mask pattern #2 (Free Pattern), 2 quilting weight/light weight cotton/linen fabric, Elastic Cord, 2 Produce twist ties
  • Cut the pattern out (Trace the pattern onto the fabric on fold to get mirrored pieces) 1 pair of front, 1 pair of lining (top), 1 pair of lining (bottom)
  • Sew the front curved edges RST (right side together)
  • clip to make nice curves
  • Double fold the center edges of Top Lining and Bottom Lining and iron
  • And edgestitch the folded edge
  • Pin the top edges of Front and Top Lining RST
  • Now pin the bottom edges of Front and Bottom Lining RST
  • And sew the top and bottom edges
  • Check to ensure the top and bottom pieces overlap at both ends
  • Pin and sew
  • Turn the mask inside out and iron
  • This time, I used 2 produce twist ties for a nose clip (for a tighter fit)
  • Insert the nose clip between the layers and push it to the top edge
  • Pin and mark around the nose clip
  • Topstitch along the edge and the mark
  • Topstitch the edge of the bottom as well
  • Cut elastic 10″ – 12″ (depends on your head size)
  • Tie the ends together
  • Fold the ear side enclosing the ear loop and pin
  • Sew both sides
  • you can hide the tied parts inside the folds

I’ve heard the news saying that there’s a shortage of elastic in U.S. There’s a tutorial on how to make a mask WITHOUT elastic with the pattern Ver. 1 ( http://sewingtherapy.net/diy-mask-with-a-replaceable-filter/ )from Quilt Addicts Anonymous. Here’s the link. https://www.quiltaddictsanonymous.com…

I really wish this 2 layer mask with a replaceable filter is easier than the previous version. Always stay safe and healthy. I will see you in the next post!

Some of the links above are affiliate links. .Clicking and purchasing through affiliate links gives me a small commission. BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY, I wanted to help you find the materials easier. So you can focus more on your project. Thank you.

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  1. Tetry

    Hi Sara, I downloaded your pattern the 2 layer one but it has a black marking on it. Can you please email me the pattern so I can make some for my family and for nurses, and doctors here. Thank you.

  2. Judy Z.

    Thank you so much for this 2 layer face mask! It looks easier to make. I also love your 1st version with 3 layer. Now I can make more and in a faster pace to help our healthcare community.

  3. sandra

    Hey Sara, Thank you for the links to the instructions, patterns, even filters.
    I can’t seem to find one review on those filter inserts.
    They look good, but my friends in Asia keep telling me to be aware of scam masks.
    Have you heard of any 1st hand experience with these filters?

    Thanks lots!

    • Sara SJ

      I’m still waiting for mine and yet received it. I check and update the links at least twice a day. Which means filters get sold out pretty fast. I am just trying to save everyone’s time finding filters. I only link the ones that have the right description. Thanks for reading and watching the tutorial. 🙂

      • Kathryn Rife

        I’ve downloaded your ver. 2 pattern, twice, but both look as if someone has ken a black marker scribbled out most of the pattern. Could you repost a download able copy please. Thank you in advance.

  4. Arlene Ottaviano

    Hi Sara,
    Instead of using bias ties that are sewn on the front and bottom as is shown on the quilt addicts site, would it also work to put 2 fabric ties on each side before sewing the ear side seam? Then when you turn it right side out, the ties are enclosed in the seam. Thanks for the pattern.

  5. Tuyet Tong

    Hi Sarah , Thank you so much for sharing instruction face mask, very good for protect Covid 19, I just ask you where can I find noise clips. Have a wonderful afternoon and God bless you always. Tuyết

  6. Cindy

    Thank you so much! I will use this pattern today. I heard yesterday that blue shop towels are an excellent filter, so I’ll be cutting some filters out of that before I send them on to the nurse who requested them… <3 <3 <3

    • Sara SJ

      Thanks for reading (watching) the tutorial. I am glad it helps. There is so much misleading information nowadays. Just make sure whether it’s correct information or not for your safety and health. Always be safe and healthy. 🙂

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  8. Lynne

    Hi, Sara, I just made my first 2-layer mask with insert. Your directions were perfect! When I tried to increase to 115%, though, the pattern went off the page. Can you adjust the title part to leave more room at the bottom for expansion to 115%? (I just drew a 1/4″ expansion on the regular one and it worked fine. No worries!) Thank you again!

  9. Sharna

    Hi Sara,
    Thanks so much for this excellent tutorial and pattern! So helpful! I’ve made a few and they’ve worked out really well. I’m not an experienced sewist so I’m having having trouble figuring out a pattern for the filter insert. Would it be possible for you to provide a pattern for a filter that would fit nicely inside the mask? Or provide any suggestions about how I might make one ? Thanks!!

    • Sara SJ

      Hi Sharna. Unfortunately, I don’t have a pattern for a filter. I bought N95 filter in Amazon and using it. I’ve updated the link for both US and Canada (April 14th 2020). Always stay safe and healthy!

  10. Carly

    Hi Sara, I really love your tutorial. The simple instruction, notes on the slides, and visuals of what to do, plus the great music. I printed off the version 1 pattern but would like to do the version 2 mask. Would that work if I followed your version 2 video with the version 1 pattern? What might I need to compensate or change? I don’t have access to a printer anymore to print the ver. 2. Thank You!!!!!

    • Sara SJ

      Hi Carly. Thanks for watching (reading) the tutorial. The sizes of the two masks are same so you can make your own pattern by drawing 2 horizontal lines like ver.2. Always stay safe and healthy! 🙂

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