Wide Brim Hat (Free Bucket Hat Pattern from TEC and Serpentine Hat from Elbe Textiles) | Sew-Along Tutorial from Sewing Therapy

Hello! Sara here with a tutorial for a Romantic Wide Brim Hat, featuring the Simple Bucket Hat Free Pattern from The Essentials Club and the Serpentine Hat from Elbe Textiles. 

I always wear wide-brimmed hats in the summer and surprisingly have never tried making once. Recently I was inspired to make my own after viewing many stunning ones on Instagram, and I was so excited to find this free pattern from The Essentials Club. I love her YouTube Channel as she’s very talented and her makes are gorgeous. If you haven’t been to her channel.

For my first few wide brim hats, I modified The Essentials Club’s Simple Bucket Hat pattern (I’ll share how in the video). If you’re not a fan of wide brimmed hats, go ahead and download the simple bucket hat pattern and make that – you can never go wrong with it. But if you want to make a wide brimmed hat and don’t want to draft your own pattern, you can purchase this gorgeous wide brim hat pattern from Elbe Textiles. 

There are many many options and mods to choose from – I’ll try to list them in the video!

So if you find that your head is bare these days, I encourage you to sew-along a hat with me, which is summer’s most practical, stylish, and dare I say romantic accessory. 

These are my online fabric + sewing accessories shops.  

Dailylike Canada

Two O Nine Fabric Studio

The pattern I used 

FREE Simple Bucket Hat Pattern:
The Essentials Club – http://theessentialsclub.com/blog-posts/bucket-hat
YouTube Channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJU0ZInbzHWY-IA2XdGkJtw
You will learn how to modify it to a Wide Brim


$5 Serpentine WIDE BRIM Hat Pattern: Elbe Textiles https://elbetextiles.com.au/products/serpentine-hat

The fabrics I used in the video:
Serpentine Hat :
Warp + Weft 2 Premium Yarn Dye Black & White Mini Gingham
Black Big Floral – Garden Party – Rosa in Black Canvas

Modified Simple Bucket Hat :
Country Flower in Pine for Prairie
Washing Cotton in Warm Beige

Soft Wire: You can use any kind of soft wire.
I bought mine from Michael’s but you can purchase it here.
>> https://amzn.to/3kCsIIp

The sewing machine I have:
Bernette B37 Swiss Design Computerized Sewing Machine
https://amzn.to/3etYaFE (USA)

LDH Scissors and thread snip

The items I always use for my sewing project

Tailor’s Chalk Pencil

Poly Sewing Thread

Lightweight Fusible Interfacing

Craft Clips
Canada https://amzn.to/32vmK2u
USA https://amzn.to/3sjKKiU

Flat Head Pins
Canada https://amzn.to/2IaKoKm
USA https://amzn.to/32slD31

Point Turner
Canada https://amzn.to/39rgfQA
USA https://amzn.to/3qjfKyA

Wash-away Wonder Tape
Canada https://amzn.to/35DUwUj
USA https://amzn.to/39ylJc2

Some of the links above are affiliate links. Clicking and purchasing through affiliate links gives me a small commission. BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY, I wanted to help you find the materials easier. So you can focus more on your project. Thank you.

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