HOW TO SEW A STYLISH PHEN SHIRT – The Ultimate Step-by-Step Sewing Guide

Hello and welcome back to Sewing Therapy. I’m Sara and today I’m sewing a Phen Shirt by Pattern Fantastique. When Nicole from Finchley Designs generously gifted me her self-designed fabric printed from Spoonflower, she also sent me the Phen Shirt pattern – thank you, Nicole! I envision making a really cute and unique Phen Shirt with this khaki-printed modern jersey fabric. But since the gifted fabric is precious to me, I first made a wearable muslin using a green linen fabric to avoid any mistakes in my final version. You’ll be able to see my second Phen Shirt made using this fabric on my social media! Thanks to Nicole, I am able to make this top and I invite you to join me!

Do you recall the Vali Dress video from about a year or so ago? That pattern was also by Pattern Fantastique and I am a huge fan of their designs as they are one-of-a-kind and really well-crafted. Pattern Fantastique describes the Phen shirt as the not-so-classic, classic shirt and I love these dramatic oversized batwing sleeves and the very unique nipped-in high hip hemline. However, it can be challenging to envision how the shirt is made as it is constructed uniquely and they rate the skill level as intermediate/advanced. But I am here to help you and sew along with you!

All three versions give off very different moods with the only difference being the collar styles. It can be unclear as to which collar is which, as there is no identification provided. My guess is that the version with the collar stand only must be Collar Option A and the other is Collar Option C, according to what the pattern pieces are called in the instructions. All three options are charming, and today I will make Option C with you. The process is the same for all options so please choose the style that you like best.

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Phen Shirt from Pattern Fantastique

I used Breeze Linen in Green from Two O Nine Fabric

FAQ Material List  

My Finds

My Finds

LDH Scissors and thread snip

Tailor’s Chalk Pencil

Poly Sewing Thread

Lightweight Fusible Interfacing

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