20 Garment Sewing Patterns For 2023 | My Approach to Make Nine 2023 AND MORE!

Are you looking for new sewing patterns to add to your collection? In this video, I’m sharing 20 sewing patterns for 2023. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned seamstress, you’ll love this collection of sewing patterns for 2023!

Access my list anytime or even duplicate it as a template through the convenient link below.  
(My updated version will be always accessible, just check this link.)   

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Let me know if I missed any patterns that you’d like to see me make this year! 

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If you’re unable to access my Notion template or prefer a written list, I’ve included my initial plan for 2023 below for your convenience!

Sara’s 2023 Initial Sewing Plan

  1. Essex Dress – Sewing and the City Pattern
    You can purchase printed pattern of Essex Dress on my shop as well! Paper Pattern for Essex Dress
  2. Bleeker Sweatshirt – Sewing and the City Pattern
    You can purchase printed pattern of Bleeker Sweatshirt on my shop as well! Paper Pattern for Bleeker Sweatshirt
  3. Phen Shirt – Pattern Fantastique
  4. Romey Gathered Dress – Sew House Seven
    You can purchase printed pattern of Romey Dress on my shop as well! Paper Pattern for Romey Gathered Dress
  5. Sauvie Sundress – Sew House Seven
    You can purchase printed pattern of Sauvie Sundress on my shop as well! Paper Pattern for Sauvie Sundress
  6. Melilot Sunny Visor & Hat – Melilot Patterns
  7. Willo Jumpsuit – Sew and Tell Patterns
  8. Waterfall Dress – Sycamore Road Patterns
  9. Mila Jumper – Tammy Handmade
  10. Richmond Coat – Tessuti Fabric
  11. Milenda Dress – Tessuti Fabric
  12. Cassiopee Dress – I AM Patterns

I hope you find this list inspiring! 😉

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