The ‘Popular’ McCalls M7969 (MakeNine 2021) No.2 | Sew Along Tutorial from Sewing Therapy

Hi, Sara here. If you’re on Instagram, you’ve probably seen so many McCalls m7969 dresses in your feed. It’s very popular with good reason! This loose-fitting pullover dress features dramatic sleeves and is easy to sew and easy to wear, without sacrificing style. This pattern is a perfect challenge for a beginner and I hope this tutorial will help you in this dreamy dress sewing. This pattern includes a few variations, and has room for you to experiment with different hacks. Are you ready to jump on the m7969 bandwagon with me?

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So, I strongly recommend watching the video if you have things that you couldn’t understand.

M7969 Pattern from McCall’s Fabric

The fabrics I used:
Navy Floral Cotton Linen Blend –
Olivia Linen Blend in Navy –

My sewing machine
Bernette B38 Swiss Design Computerized Sewing Machine (USA)

LDH Scissors and thread snip

Craft Clips

Flat Head Pins

Point Turner

Wash-away Wonder Tape

Let’s get started

Use 5/8″ seam allowance unless otherwise stated

M7969 from McCall’s Fabric (Lawn, Crepe De Chine, Challis, Georgette suggested)

2 Bodice Front (Mirrored), 2 Neck Binding (Mirrored), 1 Bodice Back, 2 Sleeve (Mirrored), 2 Sleeve Binding, 2 Skirt

0. Preparation
*Interfacing will give the area additional strength and support
Apply interfacing to the wrong side of Neck Binding

1. Assemble Bodice
Pin Bodice Front to Bodice Back at side seams
Sew and serge

2. Sleeve
Prepare for making gathers on the upper and bottom edges of the Sleeve between the notches
*I used a Zig-Zag Stitch Gathering Method on this project. At the end of the video, I’ll share more information about this method as well as the more common method for making gathers

Sew Sleeve seams RST (Right Side Together)
Don’t sew over the stitches for your gathers
And serge
Fold Sleeve Binding in half and sew the short edges RST

Open the seam
Fold 3/8″ of one edge and press WST (Wrong Side Together)
Adjust gathers to match the width of Sleeve Binding
Slip the Sleeve into the Sleeve Binding and match the notches
Adjust gathers and sew with 3/8″ seam allowance
*Sewing on the side with gathers is easier to control

Press the Sleeve Binding towards the seam
Fold the Sleeve Binding in half and wrap the seam

Topstitch/edgestitch covering the stitch line slightly

3. Assemble Bodice and Sleeve
Pin the Sleeve to armhole matching notches RST
Sew and serge
Repeat for the other Sleeve
Press the seam towards the Bodice

4. Neckline
Sew the short straight edges of Neck Binding
Open the seam

Fold one edge of Neck Binding and press
Pin Neck Binding to Front Bodice and Back Bodice
Instead of matching corners, match the soon-to-be stitched line
Pin the Neckline, leaving the Sleeve parts

Repeat for the other side
Sew the neckline of Back Bodice
Sew the neckline of Front Bodice, leaving the Sleeve parts

Adjust the Sleeve gathers to fit in the remaining Neck Binding
And sew
Remove the yarn
Press Beck Binding towards the seam

Trim the seam
Fold the Neck Binding in half and wrap the seam
Cover the stitch line slightly and edgestitch or stitch in the ditch
*Pinning before sewing is recommended for beginners
Overlap the Front Bodice according to your preference and baste
*Baste is to sew with long loose stitches to hold layers n place temporarily

5. Skirt
Sew the side seams and serge RST
Make gathers with your preferred method
Adjust the gathers to match the width to the waist

Slip the Bodice into the Skirt RST
Match and pin the side seams and centres of the Bodice and Skirt
And match the rest of the skirt by adjusting the gathers
Sew and serge
Double-fold the hem and edgestitch/topstitch

*Making Gathers
1. The most common method : use two parallel stitches
Using the longest stitch setting, sew 2 parallel lines on the edge
Leave tails of the thread for gathering
Distribute the gathers evenly

Tie off the thread when the sleeve hem reaches the desired width

2. New Found Method via @sewbakemake on Instagram : use any kind of cord/yarn and a zigzag stitch
Cut any kind of cord/yarn a bit longer than the circumference of the sleeve hem
Zigzag-stitch using the setting
Be careful not to sew on the yarn
Pull the cord/yarn to make gathers

I hope this tutorial helped you create your own fun and flouncy dress that is comfy to wear and satisfying to make! I can’t wait for some warmer weather to wear my latest dresses. I will see you in the next post! Thanks!

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Thanks for reading! I will see you in the next tutorial!

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