Gorgeous Colour Block Pouch Tutorial (Free Pattern and tutorial link)

Hello, Sara here. It’s Tuesday March 31st 2020, the last day of March. I was starting this week rough. My studio had a break-in on Sunday. When I found out yesterday, I was quite upset. I mean especially the time like this, we all are going through a tough time. Well, thanks to all of you who have sent me positive vibes! I actually feel much better today.

The colour block pouch tutorial is very simple and easy that you can do. It’s been a while since I introduced this pattern. Although we have more time to stay home, why not making something simple yet very satisfying? I believe it’s especially a good project for sewing beginners.

If you are also interested in making an amazing makeup pouch with a special type of fabric (laminated fabric), here is the link. http://sewingtherapy.net/laminated-cotton-makeup-pouch/

You can check out this link if you are curious about laminated fabric. http://sewingtherapy.net/laminated-fabric-special-fabric-type/

Colour Block Pouch

You can make great gifts for friends! 

List of the fabrics I used:
Exterior fabric : New fabric Swan Lake / Leaf 20C / Navy Stripe Cottons 
Interior fabric : Charming Pink 

Here’s a link of this colour block pouch from Sotak Handmade.

I just wanted to stay, let’s please stay positive. I mean for myself, sewing is truly my therapy. It gives me happiness and satisfaction. I really hope you also focus on something that makes you happy. (I hope it’s sewing for you as well!) So you can be positive and productive!

Always be safe and healthy! I will see you in the next post!

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