Winslow Culottes Tutorial (Helen’s Closet Pattern), 5 Star Stylish and Comfortable Pants

Hello, Sara here.
Before I start, I must say that I love Winslow Culottes. The pants are very stylish and comfortable! I wear it very often whenever there is a formal meeting that takes a few hours to a day. I don’t think making one is not too difficult. In this step by step sewing tutorial, you will also get a tip for how to add elastic back on the pants as well.

I am recommending watching the video if possible for a better understanding. However, you can always leave a comment or email me for anything you don’t quite understand.

Materials I used:

Winslow Culottes Pattern, 2 Yard Washing Cotton, Elastic (Decide the length based on your waist)

Links for the materials:

Winslow Culottes Pattern from Helen’s Closet…

Light Pink Washing Cotton…

Elastic for waistband (Canada)
Elastic for waistband (USA)

Flat Head Sewing Pins (Canada)
Flat Head Sewing Pins (USA)

  1. Cut your fabrics
    2 Front Pants with all the marks
    2 Back Pants with the pocket marks
    4 Pockets with all the marks
    Elastic and Waistband (We cut them later)
  2. Attach the Pockets
    RST (Right Side Together) Pin matching the marks
    Tip: Mirror the fabrics not to make mistakes
    Repeat for the Back Pants and the pockets
    And sew then serge
    Press the pocket and the seam out
    And understitch
    Repeat for the 3 other pieces
  3. Sew the Side Seams
    Place Front and Back pants RST
    Pin the side seams and the pockets RST
    Tip: Try to match the stitches on the pockets
    Sew the side seam leaving the opening
    And sew the edge of the pockets
    Tip: Sew slightly outside of the stitches on the pockets to avoid showing them from outside
    Tip: Finish and start sewing 1″ inside from the pocket (where marks were)
    Sew all the way down to the hem
    Sew the pocket edge
    Serge the seams
    Tip: Try to make the corners straight
    Tip: If you are a beginner or afraid at the corners, make a knife at lower position and serge
    Make sure not to have raw edges
    Lay the pocket toward the front and iron
  4. Make the Pleats
    Gather the left and right marks to the center
    Pin and basting stitch 2~3 locations (Stitch length: 4-6)
  5. Sew the Inseams
    Sew front and back along the inseam RST
    And serge
  6. Sew the Crotch Seam
    Insert on pant leg into the other leg RST
    Pin and sew the crotch seam
    And serge
  7. Attach the Waistband
    Measure the waist of the pants. It’s 17″ on fold
    Cut 2 pieces of 18″ (including 1″ seam allowance)
    Sew the short edges RST
    Fold and press 1/2″ towards the wrong side
    Mark the sides and the centers on the waist edges
    Slide the pants into the waistband and match the marks
    Pin and sew
    Fold and press the waistband in half
    The folded edge overlaps the waistband seam
    Mark three points
    Center for elastic attachment
    The sides are for the opening
    Let’s stitch in the ditch
    Tip: Keep checking whether you’re stitching both layers
    Leave the opening
    Make sure there are no missing spots
    Insert the elastic into the backside
    Tip: Safety pin makes the process easier
    Sew the sides of the elastic to the center marks
    Close the opening
    Sew in the middle to secure the elastic
  8. Hem
    Fold 1.5″, press and sew

As I mentioned at the beginning. Winslow Culottes was a very satisfying project. Much thanks to Helen’s Closet Pattern who made such gorgeous yet very comfortable pants! I understand adding pockets can be overwhelming. But once you practice it a few times, you will get the hang of it. Don’t be afraid of serging the corners! Inseam pockets are the best!

Thanks for reading!
I will see you in the next post!

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