How To Sew A Waterfall Dress (With Big Flowy Sleeves) | Sewing Therapy Tutorial

The Waterfall Dress is a lovely top and dress with dramatic standout sleeves.

Hi, Sara here. What is your usual project process? Do you choose your pattern first or fabric first? While I normally pick the pattern before the fabric, this time I was inspired by this incredible fabric! When I saw this fabric, I immediately thought about making the Waterfall DressThis cotton ikat fabric was generously sponsored by Needle Sharp, a company renowned for curating sewing kits that include a pattern, fabric, and any accessories needed for the project. I have tried their kits and think they’re fantastic. If you want to give them a try, use the code SEWING THERAPY on your first purchase to enjoy a delightful 10% discount.

I started the Waterfall Dress project a while ago, and I am just getting back to finishing it as I accidentally deleted some sewing clips and lost the motivation to sew again. After some time away from frustration, I’m feeling refreshed and ready to resume. I’m so pleased I completed my Waterfall Dress in time for the fall season. I’m all set!

The Waterfall Dress is a lovely top and dress with dramatic standout sleeves, which you may know by now, I absolutely adore. And just a heads up: the dress has a narrow neckline and you may want to adjust yours or even use a larger bodice size just for the neck.

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Waterfall Top & Dress (Code SEWINGTHERAPY for 15% off until Sep 9th 2023)

Cotton Ikat Fabric (Code SEWINGTHERAPY for 10% off )

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