Unique and Eye-Catching, Pigment Washing Fabrics


We now carry new washing fabric collections. So I’m here to introduce and explain what we have.

I’ve posted about the common fabric types, such as cotton and linens earlier. Here is the link for that post.


We have some beautiful Linen fabrics from Dailylike.
Here’s a link to take you to the Linen fabric page.

Among them, there is one solid color Linen called Washing Linen Midnight Blue.

They’ve already gone through the washing process, so they shrink a lot less (almost none and no deformation at all) and feel much softer than common linen fabrics. (Common linen fabrics shrink when you wash them the first time, so it’s a must-do thing to pre-wash them before sewing.)
As soon as you get these fabrics on your hand, you will be able to feel it right away.

I love the vintage color only Linen fabric can give and the color will well match with the summer clothes.

We expect more Washing linen fabrics in other colors.


Pigment Wash is a bit different story.

  • Pigment Wash 
    1. It makes the fabric softer due to the high-temperature washing/dyeing process.
    2. It produces fading effect / natural colors. 
    3. It removes dirt from the fabric, so it is good for sensitive skin. (This is great news for myself since I have sensitive allergic skin 🙂 Probably great for baby stuff too)
    4. It is an environment-friendly process.
pigment washing cotton

These special fabrics are one of the projects that Dailylike implements a different and improved method for new texture and color of the fabric.
Especially with solid fabric lines, the colors are chosen carefully by Dailylike designers so they are not only perfect for being used alone but can make a great match with any Dailylike design fabrics.

Another shipment with other beautiful solid color fabrics is on its way!
Please keep eyes on us 😀

Further questions about our products, please leave me comments or email us! Thank you so much for reading!

See you in the next post!

Sara SJ
Dailylike Canada


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