Little-Known Laminated Fabric

Sneak-Peak of Unique Fabric Type – Laminated Fabric

Hello everyone! Sara here.

A lot of my sewing friends and customers have been asking me about laminated fabric. (Actually laminated fabric is becoming one of our best selling products! But still ) Many people imagine it is just a shiny film coating on a very hard and stiff fabric like it was years ago. But, when they realize what it truly is, they look in awe of the soft and beautiful texture.

I want to introduce you to the softest and the prettiest laminated cotton from Dailylike today.

dailylike cotton floral leaf
dailylike laminated cotton


First, let’s take a look at both cotton and laminated cotton.

Cotton 20C – Floral Leaf                           Laminated Cotton – Floral Leaf

Laminated fabric is simply waterproof, one-sided fabric and there are so many things you can make with it. Oh, one more very important thing, it is BPA free. So it’s safe to use around children!

These include bibs, pouches, and even umbrellas and raincoats for your baby if you’ve got the sewing skills. You could also make umbrellas and raincoats for yourself, but you’ll need quite a bit more fabric. 

I am currently using this lovely fabric as a tablecloth, as it is simple to make and super easy to clean! You simply wipe it and no stain will remain (except curry, apparently).

Or, how about using it as a mat when you go outside and enjoy the sun? I’ve been using it in parks and beaches. I’ve got asked from a lot of people where I got the fabric.

Dailylike’s laminated fabrics have a very pretty design and there is something for even the most discerning tastes.

This fabric will catch the eye of your guests, whether you use it indoors or out. Because of the beautiful designs and great quality of Dailylike’s laminated fabrics, you can use them for so many of your projects other than the ones I mentioned before.

I also recommend not to iron them but actually you can!😉 You should know that it doesn’t get wrinkled much. But if you really insist, there are a few things to keep in mind though: use a pressing cloth (skip the steam!) and iron on the wrong side using a low to medium temp setting! This method works well!

Check out Dailylike’s selection of laminated fabrics! You can choose from everything from bears, floral, patterns, stripes and dots. You will love what we’ve got in store.

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Thank you so much for reading and see you in the next post!


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