Modified McCall’s M7742 | Sew Along Tutorial from Sewing Therapy

I always recommend that you make the original version of M7742 first and then decide which parts to modify. Everybody is unique and every person has different tastes and desired outcomes from each pattern. By making the original first, you can know which parts you don’t like for yourself and want to keep or change from the pattern. I love my original M7742 but after making it, I wanted one with changes to make it more of an everyday dress so that I could wear it more often.

For this video, I didn’t film the sewing clips as I wanted to make the video more compact for you and me. If you’re here for the first time, I recommend watching the original sew-along video first then coming back and sewing a modified version with me!

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🎥 The Sewalong Video for my Modified #M7742 is up! 🙂 I love my original M7742, and wanted to make some changes to make it more of an everyday dress. My modified M7742 feels more like me and I find myself reaching for it often these days. Which of my mods are you most excited to try? #fyp #foryourpage #sewingyoutuber #sewingtok #sewalong #mccallspattern

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M7742 Pattern from Two O Nine

M7742 Pattern from McCall’s Pattern

I use my fabric from Two O Nine Fabric

FAQ Material List  

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My Finds

My Finds

LDH Scissors and thread snip

Tailor’s Chalk Pencil

Poly Sewing Thread

Lightweight Fusible Interfacing

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