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Hello, and welcome back to Sewing Therapy. Today I invite you to sew along with me an M8312 by McCall’s. McCall’s has their own sew-along video for this pattern on YouTube but I wanted to make my own using some of my preferred methods. I encourage you to check out their video along with mine and use whichever methods work best for you. The more options, the better right?

Although this pattern calls for woven fabrics, I used the pattern to make a peplum top with a cotton rib knit fabric, which was gratifying! Don’t be afraid of using a woven pattern with knit fabric as the results can be pretty amazing.

I love my new peplum top and the dress version of this pattern is so cute, I am looking forward to making more variations with various fabrics.

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Let’s get started.


M8312 Pattern from McCall’s Pattern

Or you can purchase the tissue pattern from my Etsy shop

I used my Flow Viscose fabric and Black Cotton Rib Knit from Two O Nine Fabric

With the weather getting colder, I love sewing with cozy knits and I know my new peplum top will be one I reach for often in the coming months. I hope this video gave you the encouragement to sew a woven pattern with a knit fabric! For any thoughts and questions, please leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you. And a quick reminder to click like, subscribe, and ring the notification bell.

I am excited to see your versions of the M8312. Thanks for joining me and see you in my next video. 안녕!

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My Finds

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