DIY Gypsum Skirt: Super Easy How To Make Tutorial (Sew Liberated Pattern)

Hello, Sara here!
Today’s sewing tutorial is about Gypsum Skirt from Sew Liberated Pattern. I made view A which has side panel pockets which I believe it’s a must-have for pocket lovers. You will be able to learn French seams and flat-felled seams. This is a very useful tip in case you don’t have a serger or you want a more professional finish. Let’s get started

I always recommend watching the video especially if you believe you are a sewing beginner. It’s always easier to see how it works and learn it through practice. This Gypsum Skirt pattern is not very complicated or time-consuming. Also, since you can practice French Seams and Flat-Felled Seams, it’s even better for yourself to learn or improve sewing skills.

Material used:
Gypsum Skirt Pattern, 2.5 yard Pigment Washing Cotton (View A) and elastics

If you want to know more about Pigment Washing Cotton,

Gypsum Skirt pattern from Sew Liberated
PDF :…
Hard Copy :…

I use Hemline H274 Plastic Point Turner Sewing Tool with Button Gauge

1 Skirt Front on fold/ 1 Skirt Back on fold/ 2 Side Panels/ 2 Pockets/ 2 Pocket Facings/ 1 Waistband

  1. Make Pockets (French Seam)
    Pin and sew the Pocket Facing to the Side Panel RST (Right Side Together)
    Clip along the curve
    Press and understitch the seam to the Pocket Facing
    Match the Pocket Facing to the Pocket WST (Wrong Side Together)
    Pin and sew the curved edge
    Clip the seam
    Tip: A point turner can help push out seams accurately
    Fold it over and press
    ———-French Seam———-
    Enclose the raw edges by sewing with 3/8″ seam allowance
    The original instruction says to sew the side edges of layers together, but I want the pocket to be flat. To do so, trim the sides of the pockets to match the skirt panel.
    Pin along the side edges and baste
  2. Attach All the Skirt Pieces
    Pin and sew the Front Skirt and one of the Side Panel Pockets WST
    Sew with 5/8″ seam allowance
    ———-Flat-Felled Seam———-
    Trim half of the seam on the pocket side
    Double-fold the seam towards the side panel and press
    Pin and edgestitch
    Now repeat this process to attach all the panels
  3. Attach the Waistband
    Fold in half and sew the short edges RST
    Fold in half along the long edge and mark the sides and centers on the waistband and on the waist
    Slide the waistband around the waist and match the marks RST
    Pin and sew
    Fold the waistband in half and pin
    Tip: Folded edge overlaps the waistband seam
    Mark the opening on the center of the back
    Let’s stitch in the ditch from the right side
    Tip: Keep checking whether you are sewing both layers
    Leave the opening
    Check to see if there are any missing spots
    Insert elastic into the waistband
    Tip: A safety pin makes the process easier
    Sew the elastic ends together (straight stitch or zigzag stitch)
    Distribute the gathers evenly
    And close the opening
    Sew a few locations to secure the elastic
    Serge the bottom edge of the skirt first
    Fold 1.5″, press and sew

So, that’s it! Gypsum Skirt is definitely one skirt that I would wear when I do the project that takes time! I hope you enjoy the tutorial! I will see you in the next post!

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