DIY Hanbok Dress for Girls Hanbok Series No. 1 Step by Step Sewing Tutorial

Hello, Sara here
The tutorial serious No.1 ‘DIY Hanbok dress for girls’ was written to help you follow steps to make Dailylike DIY Sewing Pattern(Korean) – Daily Hanbok Dress for Girls . I haven’t made the video version yet! but because I love Hanbok so much, I’ve decided to share the post first. I just can’t wait until I finish my video. It’s is truly adorable!

Also, there’s a link for Hanbok dress for women here. I can guarantee that you will love it if you make one!

Hanbok is a traditional Korean dress for special occasions such as festivals, celebrations, and ceremonies. This pattern is simplified the traditional Hanbok into a wrap dress so that it is easier to make and wear. 

Before I go on, because of the current situation with COVID-19, if you want to make your own mask with a replaceable filter. Here’s the link.
Stay safe and healthy.

Suggested Fabric

This pattern works well with all seasonal fabrics. My advice is to avoid fabrics that are too stiff as then it may not feel as comfortable.


Pre-wash and dry all your fabrics. This will prevent your garment from shrinking. 

Please read the tutorial thoroughly first. Korean patterns have some different procedures from common English patterns, such as seam allowances (SA). Very important! SA is not included in the pattern pieces! So you will need to add 1 cm or 3/8″ (it’s up to your preference) to all the edges except folding edges (there are no SA on folded edges) and bottom edges, which are 2 cm or 3/4″.

Always finish the seam with a serger or zig-zag stitch.

If you have any questions while you’re sewing, please don’t hesitate to contact me at

Let’s begin! 

I chose Dry Flower Cotton for the Bodice and Red Window Cotton for the Skirt to give a vibrant and playful character to Hanbok dress I am making for my three years old niece. I’m so excited about how it will turn out!  🙂

Sewing Pattern: Dailylike DIY Sewing Pattern(Korean) – Daily Hanbok Dress for Girls.

1. Cut pattern pieces from your chosen fabrics, transfer markings, and clip your notches!

From Bodice Fabric (Add 1cm SA around the pattern)

Bodice (Front / Back) – Cut 1 pair each
Sleeves – Cut 1 pair
Neckband – Cut 1 pair
Lining – Cut 1 pair
Inner bow strip – Cut 2
Outer bow strip – Cut 1

From Skirt Fabric

Skirt – Cut 2 on fold
Outer bow strip – Cut 1

From Light Weight Woven Fusible Interfacing  (No seam allowance (SA) needed)

Neckband – Cut 1
Lining – Cut 2

As you can see my pattern and fabric cut layout, I added a 1cm (3/8″) SA around all the edges, a 2cm (3/4″) SA to shoulder hems, and 5cm (2″) to the skirt hems to add extra length. 

2. Apply fusible interfacing to the wrong side on 1 Neckband and 2 Lining pieces and set aside. 

3. Make the bow ribbons out of 4 cut strips. 
It’s pretty same as making double-fold bias tape except you will close one end of each strip. 

So now you have 4 one-side open and one-side closed ribbons. 

4. Sew the centre of bodice back by placing the right and left pieces, RST (right side together). Finish the seam with a serger or zigzag stitch, press it to the left or right then topstitch.

5. Sew the shoulders of back/front bodice, RST. Finish the seam edge and press it towards the back. 

Using the notches, pin or clip the ribbons to their correct positions.

6. (Refer to the numbers in the photo!) Place the raw edges of the ribbons (#6 ribbons) along the front edges 1.5cm (1/2″) below (slightly below the seam allowance) and staystitch. 

 With RST, align the lining with the front of the front bodice. The ribbons are between the two layers. Stitch and press the seam towards the lining, then topstitch the lining and the seam 0.2cm (1/8″) away from the stitch. 

Fold the SA of the lining and fold the lining towards the front bodice. Stitch the folded edge down leaving approximately 4cm (1.5″) from the bottom. (the skirt will be placed inside.)

7. Place the raw edge of #7 outer bow ribbon on the side edge of the front bodice and staystitch. Sew the side edges of front/back bodice RST and finish the seam edge using a serger or a zigzag stitch.

8. *** Now place #8 inner bow ribbon on the side of the side edge of front bodice and staystitch. And now finish the seam edges of both sides. 

Fold the ribbon towards the seam and stitch. (It will allow the ribbon to stay inside.) Pin the two layers together and sew.

Now you can tie the bows!


It’s beyond cuteness, isn’t it? 😀

9. Fold half the sleeves in half and sew the underarm seams RST.  Pressing the seam towards the back of the sleeves will help with hemming. Hem the sleeves with 1cm (3/8″) rolled hem (fold the hem 1cm twice).

10. Pin the sleeve and armhole RST, matching the underarm seam and notches. Stitch around the armhole and finish the seam. Press the seam towards the bodice.

11.  Fold and press the seam of the bottom edge of one of the neckband. 
( I learned this neckband method from another pattern and I found it brilliant! You can implement this method for adding collars, cuffs, etc.) 

Sew the top and side edges. 

Flip the neckband over and press. 

 12. Pin and sew the neckband and the neckline of the bodice RST. Don’t try to match the corners of the SA. Instead, match the soon-to-stitch line. Refer to the photos below. 

Make sure not to sew the folded layer. 

13. Place the SA between neckband layers and press. Make sure to hide the stitch line with the folded layer slightly. It will help when sewing both layers to sew from the outside. 

14.  Now clip the markings on the skirt.  

Sew one side edge of the skirt layers RST and finish the seam edge. Hem the other side edges with a 1cm / 3/8″ rolled hem. Refer to the photo below.  

 Use clips to make neat-looking shirring. (You can use your own method to make shirring, of course.) Make sure the finished length matches the length of the bottom of the bodice. 

Attach the bodice to skirt RST and finish the seam edge. Press the seam towards the bodice.

 Overlap the lining piece over and pin. (Make sure to cover the stitch line slightly.) From the outside, topstitch along the bottom of the bodice. 

 Topstitch the remaining 4cm (1.5″) opening part of the lining.

 Stitch a snap button in place as desired.

 Hem the skirt to your preferred length. 

Give the finished garment a final press and you’re done! 

Please take a picture and share your work with us on social media using the hashtag #girlhanbokdress and #dailylikecanada . I can’t wait to see your versions!

If you can suggest any edits to this tutorial, please contact me via . Your input is much appreciated!

I’m so looking forward to seeing my niece wearing it! I’ll share once I receive the photos of her as well!  🙂

Thanks for reading! I will see you in the next post!

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