DIY Half Apron: How to Make Tutorial for Beginners – Apron Series No.1 (incl. Free Measurement sheet)

Hello, Sara here.
How’s everyone doing? Staying home and getting bored?
Whether we like it or not, we are spending a lot of time at home nowadays. I’ve been thinking that I should start a beginner sewing tutorial series. So more people who are interested in sewing can learn and level up their skills. One of the first series is making aprons. (Shhh…just let you know, Pajama series is coming soon!) I am starting the series by the DIY half apron. It’s not only easy and simple but you will be able to find the joy of making something beautiful using your favourite fabric!

Any questions, you can leave it in the comment section below. I strongly recommend watching the video. Especially for beginners, watching the tutorial is definitely easier than just reading the instruction!

Fabric: I used 1 yard of Lace Flower Linen from Dailylike Canada

This is the sewing machine I used for this video.
Links will be updated, a lot of them are out of stock due to COVID-19.

SINGER 9960 Quantum Stylist
Unfortunately, links are not available for now

Brother 1034D
Unfortunately, links are not available for now.

Bias Tape Maker: You can make your own from the fabric in your stash and this tool helps it much easier (You can check how to use it on the video.) Canada

Sewing Clips (Canada)
Sewing Clips (USA)

I bought my flat sewing pins from Korea. The most similar one from amazon would be (Canada) (USA)

Let’s get started!

Material: Measurement Sheet, 1 Yard of Linen/Cotton Oxford fabric

How to draw a pattern
(All the measurements are in the measurement sheet)
– Draw the center line
– Draw the bottom line at 90 degrees
– Draw the top line at 90 degrees (this line is just a guide)
– Connect the lines to draw the side line
– Extend the side line and draw a new top line to the center

2 Front (Mirrored), 2 Pockets, 1 Waist, 2 Waist Ties

  1. Make Pockets
    Double fold the top edge by 0.5″ and press WST (Wrong Side Together)
    Edgestitch to the folded edge
    Serge the sides and the bottom
    Fold the serged edges and press WST
    Optional: make a corner neater, pin and set aside
  2. Front Panel
    Serge the center edges
    Overlap the front panels RST (Right Side Together) matching the center
    Measure 6.5″ from the bottom and mark
    Backstitch a few times to secure the slit
    Open seams and press
    Sew the seam around the slit
  3. Attach Pockets
    Mark the pocket position based on the measurement sheet
    Position the pockets, pin and edgestitch
    Repeat for the other pocket
  4. Finish Front Panel
    Double fold the bottom edge, press and edgestitch to the folded edge (WST)
    Double fold the side edges and press
    Tip: folding triangular shape before double folding helps make the corner neat
    Edgestitch both sides
  5. Waist Ties (Bias Tape)
    Fold both edges to the middle line and fold in half
    or use a Bias Tape Maker
    Make one end of each tie neat
    Edgestitch and set aside
    Mark 1/4″ below the center and pin the raw edges together
    Sew the ties to the waistband with 1/8″ seam allowance
    Fold one long edge and press
    Fold in half (the original half) RST and sew the short edges
    Turn inside out and press
  6. Attach Waist and Front
    Match and pin the top edge of the Front and the raw edge of the Waist RST
    Sew with 1/2″ seam allowance
    Fold and press the waistband in half WST
    The folded edge overlaps the stitch and the seam
    Stitch in the ditch or edgestitch
    Make sure to sew the other edge on the bottom

You are done! Again, this DIY half apron is just the beginning of apron series! Different kinds are coming soon!

If you don’t have a serger. That’s perfectly fine. You can do it without a serger. Just check my sewing tip post!

We are all going through a tough time. Sometimes the situation is very discouraging and we are worried and depressed. However, we should all know that WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS. Let’s stay positive and healthy. Thank you! I will see you in the next post!

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Dailylike Canada
Two O Nine Fabric Studio

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