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Hello and welcome back to Sewing Therapy! I’m Sara, here to sewalong with you, today to make the Dolly Dress by Fibre Mood.

After sewing a lot of jersey loungewear and complicated shirts, it feels so great to get back into dress sewing. My initial inspiration came from Julie of @joliesbobines. She made one in an earthy olive green and I decided to make one almost just like it. This simple A-line dress is so romantic with that lovely front tie detail and raglan puff sleeves. There’s a lot of gathering work involved, but with my gathering tip video, you’ll be a pro in no time. If you’re looking for a project to freshen up your spring wardrobe, I invite you to sew some Dolly Dresses along with me!

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Dolly Dress PDF pattern from Fibre Mood

I used Double Gauze fabric from my shop

You can find Pure Linen in Gingham here

FAQ Material List

The sewing machine I have:
Bernette B37 Swiss Design Computerized Sewing Machine (USA)

LDH Scissors and thread snip

Tailor’s Chalk Pencil

Poly Sewing Thread

Lightweight Fusible Interfacing

Wash-away Wonder Tape

Craft Clips

Flat Head Pins

Point Turner

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Fabric Recommendations
Any Woven fabrics would work well. All the links are above. Thanks

1 Front Dress (On Fold), 1 Back Dress (On Fold), 2 Sleeve (Mirrored), 1 Front Neck Facing (On Fold, interfaced), 2 Sleeve Cuff (Interfaced), 1 Neck Bias, 4 Pocket (Mirrored), 2 Tie

1. Front + Back + Sleeve
Pin and sew the Sleeves and Front Dress RST (Right Side Together)

Pin and sew the Sleeves and Back Dress RST

2. Ties
Fold the ties in half and sew the edges except the slanted edge RST
Turn the right side out with your preferred method

Fold all the edges except the slanted edge and press WST (Wrong Side Together)
Fold it in half, press and sew the edges except the slanted edge
Optional) Topstitch/edgestitch all the edges of the Ties
Pin the slanted end of the Tie to the Front Neck and baste RST

3. Neckline
Finish the raw edge of the Facing
Pin and sew the Facing to the Front RST

Snip as close to the V point as you can
Fold the Facing to the seam and understitch
Send the Facing to the wrong side and press
Gatherstitch the neckline
*I divided the neckline into 4 equal sections to gatherstitch
** Separate video for my favourite gathering method

Distribute the gathers evenly
Fold the short edges of Neck Binding and press
Match the notches and the end points of Neck Binding and the neckline

*It’s easier to control the fabric when sewing from the gathered side
Press and remove the cor/gatherstitch
Trim the seam to keep the binding even throughout
Doublefold the Neck Binding and pin
*A wider Bias Strip will give you a greater margin for error and help make this step easier

4. Pockets
Pin and sew Pockets to Front and Back dress RST
Serge the Pocket area only
Fold the Pocket towards the seam, press and understitch
Pin underarm seams and side seams of Front and Back Dress

5. Sleeves
Fold the Cuff in half and sew the short edges RST
Open the seam and press
Fold in half and press to create a fold line
Fold one edge and press to a fold line

Gatherstitch the Sleeve hem
Make gathers and distribute the gathers evenly
Slide the Sleeve into the Cuff and match the notches
Sew from the right side
Remove the cord/gatherstitch
Doublefold the Cuff using the fold lines, cover the stitch line and pin


6. Hem
Serge and edgestitch/topstitch the hem

Optional) Topstitch the Neck Facing

And that brings us to the end of the Dolly Dress! I think I’ll be making some more in various lengths and different shades to go with the coming spring. Thank you! I will you in my next post!

Some of the links above are affiliate links. Clicking and purchasing through affiliate links gives me a small commission. BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY, I wanted to help you find the materials easier. So you can focus more on your project. Thank you.  

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